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Making Waves 2013 Event

Respect the Reef joined the Colorado Ocean Coalition to promote ocean preservation at the Making Waves 2013 Event. Of course we also let folks know about the Respect the Reef Project!

You may have heard about the floods here in Colorado. They happened a week and a half before the event, so we were happy to see as many people as we did at Making Waves 2013

The Colorado Ocean Coalition team worked hard to keep the event going. Thanks for persevering guys!

Take a look:

Ric meets Fabian Cousteau

Ric shows Fabien Cousteau our Respect the Reef products. What an honor to meet a member of the Cousteau family and an advocate for the oceans.


Grace from COCO

Grace from COCO shows off some Respect the Reef tees with the COCO imprint. NICE!


Jeff showing off his new tee

Jeff shows off his new Respect the Reef Tee.

Be sure to check out the Colorado Ocean Coalition’s website here and mark your calendars for next year’s event!